Edison Pathways feature a progression of elective courses that integrate in​dustry-themed skills and knowledge with rigorous academics in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).  Students who participate in the pathways will have a rigorous academic schedule, like any other student, but will also be provided with some hands-on, project based learning that build skills year-to year to culminating senior year project that inspire students to apply and showcase their learning to industry, post-secondary educational partners, and the Edison community. Students who participate in the pathways are expected to engage in four years of math and science courses and access our vast Advanced Placement offerings. Students in pathways have opportunities to engage with scholars and professionals through guest speakers, field trips, and work- based learning.

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4 STEM Pathways

Biomedical Sciences and Technology

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The Biomedical Pathway provides students with the opportunity to explore the field of health care with an emphasis placed on Patient Care and Mental Health occupations. This pathway is our Linked Learning pathway.


The Engineering Pathway focuses on teaching students the engineering design, modeling, and practice process while exploring all the different types of engineering career emphasis that are available for future study. 

Green Energy and Technologies

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The Green Academy students will explore the different types of energy with an emphasis placed on green and renewable energy sources. The Green Academy has a special partnership with PG&E and is a California Partners Lighthouse Academy.

Computer Science

The Computer Science Pathway engages students in the fields of information technologies with an emphasis placed on computer programming and software development.

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Troy Odell
Pathways Coordinator​

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