Edison’s School Outcomes


MISSION: We believe Edison students will learn in a safe and empowering
environment, and take ownership of their social and academic growth, in order to
continue developing as active and productive members of our ever-changing world.

We Think: Tigers will exhibit intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and problem solving by
accessing appropriate tools, persevering through tasks, synthesizing information, providing
sound evidence, and skillfully revising our work

We Act: demonstrating global citizenship by actively participating in the four A’s: academics,
arts, athletics, and activities

We Know: demonstrating high achievement of content knowledge at rigorous and
challenging levels while pursuing academic and career goals by being able to locate, synthesize,
critique, and use knowledge to generate artifacts

We Grow: Tigers will exhibit self-awareness, grit, and ownership of learning by mastering the
competencies of Think, Act, and Know to achieve post-secondary goals.

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