Additional Graduation Tickets!

Good news! There are extra graduation tickets available for distribution!

Please fill out the form below stating how many additional tickets you NEED.Please keep this number reasonable! There are many graduates and families who would like additional tickets, and our priority is to the entire class.

Understand that stating the number below does not GUARANTEE that’s how many tickets you’ll receive. We are trying to get an idea of how many tickets are needed before distribution.

Those who fill out this form will be contacted with more details.


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Our #FUSDFamily demonstrated love and acceptance by taking part in the annual Fresno Pride Festival at Fresno City College. Here are some awesome photos from the event! #FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

The graduation ceremony for the Fresno Teacher Residency Program honored the latest cohort that is committing to the education of our future generations. This pipeline program provides a stipend, professional development, and classroom experience for new educators.

First is Annabelle! Annabelle plays baseball with MAGIC Fresno. She loves science experiments and making people laugh with her communication device! Next up is Elijah! These photos are from his trip to Monterey Bay. He loves art, music, and the computer and science labs.

June is National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month! Did you know that grapes, peaches, nectarines, melons, plums, and pomegranates are some of the top exports of Fresno County? Celebrate this month by picking up a free summer meal at your nearest lunch pick-up location!

Students and families made masterpieces at the first-ever African American Family Engagement Mini Conference at Roosevelt! The event was a blast and featured an artist-led painting activity, sketching, science activities, resource tables, and guest speakers.

We're looking for a Physical Therapist to oversee and implement physical therapy to students who are a part of or have been referred for Special Education! For more information and to apply, click here:

Our first Summer Showcase picture features Lily! In this picture, she is heading out to River Camp. Lily loves school because she likes to challenge herself and loves to see her friends and teachers. In the second photo, Gilbert is at the beach enjoying summer!

It’s Farm to Summer Celebration Week across the state of California! This week connects our students with local farm(s) as they enjoy meals that include regional products. #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD #FarmtoSummer

We're looking for an Executive Director of our Benefits and Risk Management Department! For a full job description and requirements, and to apply, click here: #hiring

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