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The importance of Edison Athletics

The athletic department at Edison High School is dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for all students to learn valuable lessons that will set them up for a successful future. In addition to our stelar academic programs, our athletics department provides students with opportunities outside of the classroom. Athletes are given opportunities to experience both winning and losing while being taught how to understands the life lessons from both experiences. Students gain self worth and confidence by engaging in sports. Our athletes not only practice teamwork, but benefit from the diverse student population that which accountability, sportsmanship, good citizenship, self-discipline, and sacrifice.

. Our athletes practice teamwork, accountability, sportsmanship, good citizenship, self-discipline, and sacrifice.



Our athletic department is committed to the following:

  • Setting aligned expectations for all teams
    • Create and communicate weekly practice schedules with students and families
    • Provide weekly communication updates
  • Providing opportunities for growth
  • Setting clear guidelines for success and development
    • Individual goals
    • Team goals
    • Department goals
  • Honor our alumni
  • Remind our athletes of the rich history of Edison High School by continuing with traditions from the past


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